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ARCD and Weight Loss Management is an Atlanta-based clinic that specializes in the treatment of disorders directly or indirectly influenced by excessive adipose tissue.
ARCD provides a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of adipose-related disorders. We promote education on prevention and inspire lifestyle modifications that will improve clients’ overall health.

As a client, you will receive extensive evaluation with members of our professional staff and will receive tailored treatment plans according to your medical and nutritional needs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity affects approximately 93.3 million adults in the United States. Obesity-related conditions are some of the leading causes of preventable premature death. These statistics and the difficulty that individuals have in losing excess weight has led to the development of medical specialty clinics such as ARCD.

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Services Provided (not limited to):
  • Adipose tissue analysis
  • Evaluation and medical management
  • Genetic testing of obesity related genes
  • Eating disorders and weight bias education
  • Obesity centering classes
  • Nutritional assessment and meal planning
  • Supervised and non-supervised medical exercise
  • Comprehensive education and available resources
  • RX drugs that target weight reduction
  • Myofascial treatments and PT evaluation of muscle-skeletal disorders
Dr. Duke
Dr. Duke

Dr. Duke is a board-certified internal medicine doctor and board-certified obesity medical specialist. Additionally, Dr. Duke completed his master’s degree in A/P with his research thesis focused on leptin, one of the first discovered obesity related hormones.

He believes that an obesity-centered approach is pivotal to the epidemic that is drastically affecting the health and lives of people throughout the country. He believes this area of preventative medicine has been undervalued for too long and it is time to put this approach at the forefront of our fight against disease.

Dr. Potty Johnson
Dr. Patty Johnson

Dr. Patty Johnson is a clinical health psychologist. She graduated from Adler University with a concentration in Primary Care Psychology. She specializes in integrative behavioral medicine, which emphasizes comprehensive treatment methods and collaboration with health providers of various disciplines to provide a holistic core.

Dr. Patty explores how emotions affect the body so that we may tap into the power within ourselves to impact our health positively. For instance, she collaborates with patients to explore how emotional distress leads to life patterns that are often directed by deep-rooted beliefs. Once revealed, these beliefs can help us understand our true relationship with our body, mind, and level of motivation to care for ourselves. This is where powerful behavior change occurs. We all have on affinity towards healing, and Dr. Patty is honored to be able to support each patient’s desire to reach their wellness goals.

Imani Johnson
Imani Johnson

Imani Johnson is the public relations specialist and joined the ARCD team because of her love of promoting health and wellness in those who are underserved. She has a strong background in journalism with a focus on strategic communication and public relations. Her skills have been utilized to bridge the gap between clients and healthcare professionals. She understands that adipose-related issues are underrepresented and education in this area is lacking. Her skill set and platform are used to merge interdisciplinary practices so that patients can receive excellent care.

I joined the Arcd team because of my love of health wellness in populations of underserved people. I have strong background is in journalism with a focus on strategic communication and public relations. My skills have been utilized to bridge the gap between clients and healthcare professionals. Adipose related issues have been underrepresented and education about this is lacking in society. I have used my platform to merge together interdisciplinary practices so that patient can receive the best care.

Patrice Cunnigham
Patrice Cunnigham

Patrice Cunningham, LPN, is from Thomasville, Ga. She has 12 1/2 years of experience working in the medical field. She started her career as a Certified Medical Assistant with Sentara Medical Group in Hampton, VA working in Family & Internal medicine for 1 1/2 years and Neurology for over 5 years before moving to Atlanta. She received her associates degree in Medical Assisting from Keiser University in Tallahassee, FL and her Practical Nursing degree from ECPI University in Virginia Beach, VA. She has a strong background in patient care, has developed a love for wellness, and has shown to be a pillar of strength at ARCD. Her strong ability to communicate the needs of patients and provide excellent care is what makes her excel in our clinic.